Stucco Repair at Tommy's Chimney and Masonry Service

Serving the Buckingham Area.


As buildings start to age, the stucco is often among the first things to go. Less durable than the materials that it coats, the material can easily start to chip or to crumble. The best way to solve the problem is to hire a stucco repair service.

Stucco installation and repair are not terribly complex, but do demand a great deal of time and effort. It’s also easy to make a mistake from carelessness, which is why you’ll want to hire an experienced restoration expert for the job. Such an expert will also be able to add a new layer of stucco finish.

Those in need of stucco repair can get it by contacting us at Tommy's Chimney and Masonry Service in Langhorne, PA. Though we specialize in masonry, we can also handle stucco.


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